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Ameren Missouri Act On Energy Rebate Program

Ameren Missouri offers cash rebates for a variety of energy-saving upgrades on heating and cooling, efficient products, and more. Tuning up or upgrading your heating and cooling systems helps you stay comfortable without wasting energy - plus you'll get cash back. Jim's Heating & Cooling is a participating contractor in the Ameren Missouri Act on Energy program.

There are 3 ways we can help you save:

  1. A diagnostic tune-up keeps your bill lean and prevents untimely breakdowns. Jim's Heating & Cooling will measure your system's performance and optimize it for maximum energy efficiency.
  2. Choosing a new air conditioner with a SEER (energy efficiency) rating of 14 or higher will help you conserve energy even in the hottest weather. You qualify for a bigger rebate if your current system is still working.
  3. An air-source heat pump is an incredibly efficient way to heat your home in winter and cool it in summer. Choose one with a SEER (energy efficiency) rating of 14 or higher to qualify for cash back.

Please see the chart below for qualifying systems for the rebate program.

Cool Savers Rebate Chart